Long Arm Quilting Service

Here at Clonmany Community Centre we have a state of the art Craft training centre. We provide the use of this space for many crafters to come and develop their own craft techniques using our facilities.

Facilities include:

A Woodworking/Woodturning specialist area with many woodworking tool ie: lathes, chisels, power saws, planes, sanders etc.

Pottery Studio & Kiln this specialist are also includes a slab roller, many wheels, a full size kiln, an extruder etc.

Spinning & Weaving workshop where we have a number of different spinning wheels and looms. We have table top looms, frame looms, and fullsize looms.

We have a workshop for the messier arts like painting & basket weaving and many more crafts

This page is where we will eventually be displaying some of our handmade crafts for sale.